Unwinding Anxiety

Unwinding Anxiety is a course using an App which guides you through 10 minutes each day step by step in a process to build up your understanding of what anxiety is to you and how you can learn to manage your feelings to live a life of peacefulness and ease. Karen will meet with you each week either in a group setting or 1-2-1, or even online via zoom or Skype to facilitate learning and guide you with the practice.

Our Modern World is so fast paced that our primitive brains can barely keep up with information coming at us at all angles at all hours of the day, often (seemingly) requiring some kind of immediate response. The technologies we are ‘blessed’ with are designed to keep us hooked on certain behaviours whether binge watching Netflix/Amazon/box sets, playing increasingly realistic video games over various times zones, glued to social media. The fall out of these behaviours can be to ruminate and react – cues to buy, eat and drink or indulge in porn. Technologies take advantage of anger, loneliness, hunger, boredom to offer a quick fix wherever emotions arise, exacerbating feelings of anxiety, helplessness and overwhelm.

Unwinding Anxiety offers a way to use these technologies intelligently while simultaneously learning mindfulness skills to recognise those habit loops of mind that keep you stuck in behaviours no longer useful to you, to change and learn how to live well and love your life.


Jun 19 2019


8:00 am - 6:00 pm





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