Unwinding Anxiety is a course using an App which guides you through 10 minutes each day step by step in a process to build up your understanding of what anxiety is to you and how you can learn to manage your feelings to live a life of peacefulness and ease. Karen will meet with you each week either in a group setting or 1-2-1, or even online via zoom or Skype to facilitate learning and guide you with the practice.

Eat Right Now is a course for people who want a more health relationship with their food and drinking habits. Similar in many respects to the practices in UA, this course focuses specifically on Eating behaviours, or can be adapted to Drinking mindfully, Social Media management, or other behaviour which is causing you concern at this time. Using the App, Karen will guide you through the stages needed for you to begin to manage urges and habits that are no longer helpful to you now in a non-judgmental and compassionate attitude which you yourself will learn to develop.

Mindful Self Compassion is a 10 week course which can be divided into two blocks of 5 weeks, teaching how to take care of ourselves, understanding our inner critic, and learning mindfulness self compassion practices to soothe ourselves in challenging times.

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction is usually an 8 week course which can be divided in to two blocks of 4 weeks, helping you to understand experientially the basics of mindfulness practice and how you can use these daily in your life to live more peacefully and respond more skilfully to what is.