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I offer a menu of tasters, workshops, webinars and full length courses in aspects of Mindfulness and Self Compassion to support you in a variety of ways according your needs and means. Currently for obvious reasons, these will be online in groups, although there is scope for working with me 1:1 if that is something you would like to consider. It is hoped that in the future, who knows when, that the more conventional face to face groups will be offered here in the beautiful South West of France. Most introductions and taster courses will be free but will also be restricted by number to a maximum of around 20 participants so as to offer the best possible experience. Short courses of 4 – 6 weeks as well as full length 8 and 10 week online courses will be accompanied by closed Face Book Groups which will provide community and peer connection.

Please register your interest in any of the courses via the contact page so that I can reply privately to you by email, after which you will receive a short application form. This normal pre-requisite for all mindfulness courses conforms to Best Practice Guidelines. It is important to understand that Mindfulness is not necessarily the best form of support for everyone, therefore a short insight into your needs helps me to help you more appropriately.

On a practical note, you will need to download zoom as a way of accessing the longer courses, and access will be by way of email invitation with password once you have been accepted onto the course. Joining instructions will be issued at the same time.

There will be free supplementary resources and links available on the site and these will grow over time as I find my way in what for me is a new way of teaching. I want to be of service to people and help to make your world a better one, so I welcome feedback on what works and what doesn’t, although I ask that any problems you encounter you come to me for possible resolution first.


About Karen

Welcome to you all, whether you are new to mindfulness or you have experience. I feel it is important to write a few words about my background, and in particular why I feel qualified to guide you in mindfulness practice at this time. I was fortunate enough to take my very first MBSR course at Exeter University in 2011, and from there synchronicity led me to learn from one of the leading training providers of mindfulness teachers in the UK. (The two other principal training providers being Oxford & Bangor Universities with whom I have also trained to enrich my professional skills and experience)

I have always felt it important that any training or professional study I commit my valuable time, energy and financial resources to has integrity, so that when I teach I know that I may pass that teaching on to my own students.

It is important to me that you too have that peace of mind and so in terms of transparency, I’d like to offer you an insight as to how I am qualified to facilitate or guide you on your journey, at this most difficult and challenging time for us all.

Like many people, I suffered my own personal crisis after a marriage breakup and job loss 14 years ago. I was forced to see life in a totally different way, as it became clear that the way in which I was living, thinking and feeling were not working for me. I found mindfulness as a way to help me through the grief, anxiety and stress of those times.

The mindfulness attitudes and practices I learnt and incorporated into my daily life helped me to turn my life around so, wishing to help others too, I decided to train to become a mindfulness teacher. I grounded myself in a degree in psychology as a pre-requisite for taking the MSc in Mindfulness Based Applications at Exeter university, a 2 year applied course in mindfulness teacher training.

Since then I have continued to train extensively with some of the most experienced mindfulness teachers worldwide (Bangor, Oxford, Bodhi College) so that I may deepen my practice, which I am committed to on a daily basis.

I teach Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), as well as the Mindful Self Compassion (MSC) course. I am also trained to teach the .b teen and PAWS younger children’s curriculum, taught in schools, as well teach the Foundations mindfulness curriculum to school teachers.

I also ensure I receive the necessary supervision as well as many extra continuing development courses and retreats, attending mindfulness conferences to keep my skills experience and practice relevant to today’s rapidly changing world, including recently an online course with David Treleaven in Trauma Based Mindfulness. It is crucially important to me to understand how to protect my prospective students. Mindfulness training is not for all people and is not a panacea for all ills, neither is it therapy. Mindfulness is more a set of attitudes and strategies to live by. These will be explored in full throughout the courses as well as within the website resource sections.

The current global crisis seems to me to be the culmination of 100 years accelerating and unprecedented change in the way in which our World, our societies and cultures interact with each other. We simple human beings just can’t keep up with the impact of escalating technology, since our brains are little changed from those of our stone age ancestors. In those days the flight/fright/freeze limbic brain caused us to run from the ubiquitous sabre tooth tiger or fight the woolly mammoth to feed & clothe our families, while after such fights we rested in caves around the campfire allowing our cortisol stress levels to return to normal, much like animals in the wild do now. (obviously not round a campfire, but they don’t tend to chew over the anxiety of what could have been or what could be tomorrow!)

Our brains are predicated for our physical survival and as that quick release stress was/is crucial for survival. Today though, stress comes in the form of missed deadlines, personal slights, worries about the future and worries about what we’ve done in the past, various addictions, social media, some of which we exacerbated ourselves, some of which was real. Now in real terms the sabre toothed tiger has morphed into reality in the form of a pandemic which places us at the bottom of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs struggling for survival. Clearly these are not imagined fears at all. To make matters worse, our minds, our imaginations have the ability to throw fuel on the fire, leading to catastrophising, rumination and a snowball of panic. This kind of thinking is what leads us to behave in ways that are not only counter productive to our health but also counter productive to getting our (and others’) needs met.

The resulting build up of  stress stays in our physical systems, leaving us depleted and exhausted, while massively depleting our immune capability. So while it is true that what we face in the world now are real and pressing fears, we must also accept that a huge amount of the extra stress we suffer comes from our own minds and subsequent behaviours, which are enacted through no fault of our own, due to habitual conditioning. It is my aim to help you uncover unhelpful ways of thinking and behaving to lead if not happier, then more peaceful lives in equanimity.

The culture we live in acts as fuel to the fire of fear – through social media, the news channels, the breaking down of political certainty. The more we engage with these limiting behaviours & habits the more we exacerbate the stress, the more we literally bathe in our own stress juices, further compromising our mental and physical health. It is a vicious cycle of suffering that we do indeed have the capacity to slow down/stop with the help of mindfulness strategies and attitudes. Indeed it really is possible to reverse the downward spiral to move toward health and happiness. This is not a quick fix, but a new learning how to be. How to Be Human.


Featured Courses

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Peace in a Frantic World

Entry point course for those in the general population seeking everyday ways of applying mindfulness to improve well-being. The course,...



Finding Peace in A Frantic World
an 8 week online course to incorporate mindfulness practices into daily life, thus stemming the tide of anxiety stress and unhappiness which prevents us from living our best lives.

one to one

One to One

Unwinding Anxiety – using Dr Judd Brewer’s app ‘unwinding anxiety’ as the basis to work together through the issues that cause you worry and stress. This can be done either on a one to one basis via zoom or in small groups


Short Courses

What is Mindfulness – A short online course to help you understand how training in mindfulness can help you build the resilience you need in these troubled times
An Introduction to Mindful Self Compassion – Discover how taking care of yourself can break the cycle of guilt shame and anxiety that cripple us

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Course Location

St Ant signage

About Saint-Antonin

Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val is a delightful medieval town dating back at least 800 years, with an incredible history, its peoples having borne witness to the changing fortunes over these decades including Cathars and Albigensian crusades, Religious wars of the 16th century between the Catholic and Huguenots, the changes wrought by the French revolution, as well of course as the two world wars, where in WW2 the town was occupied by the Nazis.

The town is almost untouched since the medieval era, and its fortunes have indeed waxed and waned as populations increased then dwindled again according to the vagaries of the times. Indeed it is like living in a museum, which is why I chose to live here, fascinated as I am by medieval history. We in the UK have always been entwined with our neighbour France, with whom we have had a turbulent relationship, as only neighbours and close family can.

Today, due to the influx of many ‘foreigners’ myself included, we enjoy a blend of restaurants & bars, chambre d’hotes, gites, artisan shops, vegan cookery schools, cycling & walking tours, yoga retreats and canoeing with gorgeous campsites, as well as the famous Sunday market which draws crowds from miles around. Sadly of course all on hold.

My aim initially in setting up my mindfulness practice here was to provide a setting of beauty blended with the mindfulness practice of curiosity for those wishing to combine a love of France and history with perhaps learning some new strategies for living mindfully.

Ironically I had just renovated my cellar into a mindfulness studio when the lockdown prevented me from offering face to face groups. Letting go and patience is an ongoing mindfulness practice for me in these days. Hence the reason to switch to online courses.

My dear hope is that people will one day be able to visit this beautiful town and enjoy it, combining their stay with a short course in mindfulness while staying in some of the delightful Chambre d’hôtes here in St Antonin Noble Val. I will therefore be posting photos and stories of my life here so that you may share, if you want, some of my joy of this place.